Air cooled band heaters made from copper (EP 0246250 / JP 1632034 / US 4921355):


Product description:

Air is radially streamed through this air cooled band heater which is designed for unbroken, very precise temperature control along the entire length of the plasticating cyclinder. The air cooled band heaters are available in two sizes; 60 mm and 90 mm wide.


Product data:


Cylinder outer diameter: 60 – 300 mm (Pipe diameter tolerance 1mm)
Outer diameter air cooled band heater: Cylinder diameter + 2 x 50 mm
Heating cuff height: 2,5 mm
Air cooled heating band width: 60 – 90 mm



Max. temperature: 500 °C (higher temperatures possible upon request)


Electrical data:

Max. electr. output: 5 W/cm2 heated area for small diameters
3,2 W/cm2 heated area for large diameters
(higher power density possible upon request)
Service voltage: all
Testing voltage: 1500 V
Insulating resistance: >10 MΩ


Further technical data, such as step response and control curve of these elements, are available upon request.