Our vision/strategy
We have been successful in the market for many years now. We are a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling elements for extruder manufacturers. Our products meet the highest expectations in terms of quality, efficiency, and service life.

Employees are precious to us
Our employees are the key to our success. The satisfaction as well as the personal and professional development of all our employees is a priority for us. Well-trained employees will lead to a higher degree of responsibility and entrepreneurship. That is why we are able to offer our customers a sustainable high degree of quality in our products and services.

Recognised expert knowledge
We are constantly striving to use our expert knowledge for our customers. In addition, we aim to remain capable of development and to take advantage of new technologies.

A passion for technology and innovation drives us
We are only content once our customers are content. The production of high-quality products and challenges requiring new ideas and solutions, inspires innovation enthusiasm in us.